What are the shipping costs?
In Europe and the UK you don’t pay any shipment costs. Outside Europe the shipping costs will be €100,00.
What materials are used in the Superkop?
The housing is molded from aluminum, the internal mechanism / moving parts are stainless steel parts, made by molding or CNC parts. The product has been designed to ‘last forever’, making it a real tool for life.
Will it be possible to adapt the pressure applied and or duration of extraction?
Yes, it is possible to adapt the pressure and the duration of the extraction because you do it yourself.
Longevity: which parts do we expect to be replaced – are there any seals? Do we plan to offer replacement parts and which?
Testers have been using the Superkop for over two years now, no replacements yet. We expect replacements for the seals and gas spring in 5 years, seals will only cost you ca.15 euro
Is the coffee puck compatible to other standard sizes?
Yes, you receive two baskets, 9 and 18 gr. and the tamper size is 58mm
Thermodynamics: other products with a similar approach need a warm-up run
(e.g. boiling water only) to get the brewing chamber up to temperature – would we recommend this too for SUPERKOP to ensure the desired brewing temperature of 92 -96°C? You do not have to warm up the Superkop because you pour boiling water into the food safe polycarbonate isolated water cup.
Does Superkop use a spring?
You press the lever down with manual power. It is very easy to do because there is a transfer of 1:40. A gas spring is used to return the piston.
Do I receive the stand version or the wall version?
You will receive both options in one box. So no need to make a decision now. With an easy installation guide you will be able to use the wooden stand, or install Superkop to your wall.
How do you prevent the water cup from breaking at high pressure?
To prevent the water cup from breaking, we have installed an overpressure valve that opens at 20 bar. To make a good espresso you need 9-11 bar.
Why does it take 6 pumps downward for one espresso? Why not one big pull per shot, like a traditional machine?
Our system builds up the correct pressure in every pump. It takes 6 pumps. It is fully manual. If you would put the complete pressure in one big pull the arm of the lever must be very long; too long. The 6 pulls are not uncomfortable and allow you to apply the correct extraction time of around 25 seconds very naturally. The way to regulate the pressure is the speed of the pumps and thus the complete extraction process combined with the volume and grain of the beans.