Enjoy espresso
for life.

Superkop is a manually operated, non-electric espresso machine that excellents in taste. It is very easy to handle and meant for daily use. The machine uses fresh-ground coffee (no cups), does not require any warm-up, is virtually maintenance-free and most important: perfect extraction. The Superkop has been designed to last forever making it is a real tool for life.

  • Superkop non-electric espresso machine
  • Superkop - stand-alone version
  • Superkop non-electric espresso machine
  • Superkop non-electric espresso machine
  • Superkop non-electric espresso machine

Espresso for life.
What life?

No strings attached

maintenance free
enjoyment for generations to come

You decide

grind your own beans
or use ground beans

Low effort, great espresso

pull the lever
enjoy your real espresso

This is how it works

Three easy steps

Grind the beans

Grind the beans or use ground
beans, fill your portfilter and tamp
the coffee.

Step 2: add boiling water

Add boiling water

Place the cup on the portfilter, pour
boiling water into the cup and slide
the combination into the device.

Pull the lever

Pull the lever six times and push it
gently to release the piston. Enjoy
your espresso!

Three colorways

With Superkop espresso, you enjoy the brewing process and the result.

It is easy to make artisan espresso with the ground beans of your choice. Not hidden in a cup. Superkop is a maintenance-free espresso machine that won’t disappoint but will consistently deliver quality. It works simply and transparently. No complex technology inside. That is not only good for our world but also your wallet.

All Superkop machines are uniquely numbered.
You’ll receive a certificate with your number for your records.

Enjoy the
brewing process
and the result.

What you will get

Being one of our early supporters we offer you a combination of the stand-alone and wall version in one box. With simple instructions you can use it either stand-alone, or on the wall

View the Superkop in 3d

Viewer Stand Version Viewer Wall Version

Superkop - wall version

Wall version

Superkop - stand-alone version

Stand-alone version

This is what people think


Superkop founders Geert & Sabine

Eight years ago, after another expensive service for our espresso machine, we decided to find a way to make electricity redundant and create a robust but straightforward espresso tool. The challenge was achieving the 9 bars required for an ideal espresso. After many years of trial and error, we have now found the solution! Many testers are already enjoying Superkop. We are proud to tell you that even one of the best-known baristas was impressed.

Geert Kaal & Sabine Palinckx
Founders of Superkop