Crafting Superkop Iced Coffee is a Breeze

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Iced Coffee

Be your own barista by making these simple iced coffee recipes. Creating your own iced coffee is all the rage, though ironically, it’s not “hot” at all since this summer drink is served cold, offering the ultimate refreshment for coffee lovers on scorching days.

In this blog, I’ve gathered 5 top recipes for Superkop Iced Coffee. For those who truly savor their coffee experience, there’s also the Italian twist on iced coffee: affogato.

Top 5 Best Superkop Iced Coffee Recipes:

  1. The Perfect Iced Coffee
  2. The Greek Freddo Espresso or cappucino
  3. Dalgona Coffee
  4. Coffee Tonic
  5. Affogato

Iced coffee

1. The Perfect Superkop Iced Coffee

For a classic and simple iced coffee, follow this recipe. All you need to do is brew coffee, cool it down, then add ice. You can use any coffee machine, but we prefer you use the Superkop tool!

The foundation of iced coffee lies in strong coffee, such as espresso — or even a double shot — or robust filter coffee. After brewing, allow the coffee to cool briefly and consider sweetening it to taste, whether with sugar or a special coffee syrup.

This recipe uses half & half for mild sweetness and a creamy texture, but you’re welcome to use your favorite milk, including plant-based milks. It’s also sweetened with simple syrup, the best way to sweeten iced drinks. Simple syrup can be bought in stores or quickly made at home with water and sugar.

Iced coffee - Greek Freddo Espresso

2. The Greek Freddo Espresso (or cappuccino)

The Greek coffee culture is rooted in tradition, where coffee making is an art form and each cup is prepared with love and craftsmanship. Greek Freddo Espresso pays tribute to this rich tradition and brings together the finest elements of Greek coffee culture.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional barista to prepare this refreshing drink at home. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be enjoying your own creation in no time.

Start by brewing a perfect Superkop espresso. Use your favorite coffee beans for this. A double espresso works best, as the strength of the coffee will determine the flavor and texture of the Greek Freddo Espresso.

Fill a glass halfway with ice cubes. The ice plays a crucial role in the cooling effect of this drink, allowing you to fully embrace the summery vibe even on hot days. Carefully pour the freshly brewed espresso over the ice cubes in the glass.

In Greece, a sugar syrup called “Greek coffee syrup” is often used, specifically made for this drink. Greek coffee syrup adds a delightful sweetness to the drink. However, there are countless other syrups you can try, such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or almond, to create your own unique flavor combinations.

Gently stir the espresso and ice together to blend the flavors. Watch as the ice cubes slowly melt, giving your Greek Freddo Espresso the perfect balance of strength and refreshment. For the cappuccino you put on top the cold whisking milk.

3. Dalgona Coffee (recipe from Bluekoff, Thailand)

Dalgona coffee is sweet, but it also has a lot of bitterness. Its taste is similar to coffee ice cream. The taste is soft and light, just like whipped cream starting to melt in hot cocoa. It’s as delicious as a dessert. The fluffy Dalgona coffee can be traced back to South Korea where the first posts and pictures of the coffee beverage were uploaded on the internet during Covid. The name Dalgona comes from a toffee sweet that the whipped coffee resembles.

Many recipes tell you to use instant coffee for Dalgona coffee, but you can easily use espresso. An important tip is that you need to use coffee, sugar, and water in equal ratios. That’s it, you’ll have a soft coffee bubble.

You’ll need, for just one portion:

1 espresso single shot
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp boiling hot water
2 dl milk or plant milk of choice
Ice cubes

Whisk the espresso, sugar, and hot water in a bowl until it becomes frothy and smooth like whipped cream. Use an electric whisk or mixer for convenience.

To make a hot Dalgona, preheat the milk and pour it in a glass. Top off the milk with the whipped coffee and sugar mixture and garnish with cocoa powder if you like. For a cold Dalgona coffee, add ice cubes and milk to a glass and add a layer of the whipped coffee mixture on top.

Iced Coffee

4. Coffee Tonic (Refreshing recipe tip from our dealer in Switserland, Kialoa)

Coffee and tonic is a beautiful take on an iced coffee drink, so it’s easily drinkable and enjoyable year-round. While some may despise tonic water on its own, the flavors and taste of coffee and tonic blend well together. The perceived sweetness of the tonic water balances the coffee’s bitterness a bit, while the tonic water’s flavor smoothes out the acidity of the espresso or coffee.

You will need:

6 ounces of tonic water
Ice cubes
2 ounces of espresso
Simple syrup to taste

Begin by filling a small rocks glass to the rim with ice. Make sure not to skimp on the ice! You’ll be adding hot espresso to the glass in just a minute, so you want enough ice to cool it down quickly.

Pour tonic water and simple syrup over the ice and let it sit. Prepare 2 ounces of fresh espresso. Carefully pour the espresso into your rocks glass. If you want a nice, layered look, pour slowly and directly onto an ice cube, or use an upside-down spoon to distribute the espresso over the top of your tonic water without mixing. Add a slice of lemon or orange to your beverage (optional) and serve!

Iced coffee - Affogato

5. Affogato

L’affogato al caffè, a dessert of gelato drowned in espresso, is one of Italy’s most delectable modern dishes. The ice cream can be fior di latte, vanilla, chocolate, or whatever you like. Dulce de leche, with its caramelized milkiness, would be wonderful, as would amaretto. The magic of affogato is that you get two pleasures in one: a spoonable dessert sauced with coffee, and a cream-blushed drink to chase it. The sweet ice cream and bitter coffee should enhance, not overtake each other. Like the best partners, they should meet in the middle.

Make the Superkop espresso first so it can sit while you scoop the gelato. Add the very cold gelato to a small shallow bowl or glass that’s been chilled in the freezer until frosty and cold to the touch. Slowly pour the hot espresso in a thin stream directly over the gelato, draping the entire surface of the scoop with an even layer of coffee.

You can add a splash of amaretto here if you’d like (the almond flavor would be welcome), but the best affogato is a simple affogato. Just be sure to start eating it before the gelato completely melts!


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